Two new shapes

I love making shapes and seeing what I can get out of different sliders. I have two new ladies for you this time both for the Avalon head. Joie is a cutie and so is Lunette. It’s hard to pick my favorite of the two here. Come by the store and check out all the … Read more

Clothing change

So this week has gone fast but I’ll work out a balance soon. I’m back at work for the first time for a few weeks and everything hurts. I logged into SL and found myself still in the same clothing and as I splurged a bit at the Blueberry sale a while ago, I decided … Read more

Relaxing a bit

Today is a relax day in SL. Did some shopping and just wandered around. I’m really digging neutral colors at the moment. Raw from SL Credits: amara beauty – Annie Mae Porcelain – MED BROWSRAMA.SALON – Scarlett HairRIOT / Cate Jeans – MaitreyaRIOT / Ezra Sweater – MaitreyaZaara : Kasita finger-harness (maitreya) Riterations Amalgamation eyes … Read more

Lots of new

I’ve been a busy munchkin over the last few months. I realized coming back to SL that I missed the creativity and learning aspect. So I dove into a Photoshop course, actually three of them. Learnt a hell of a lot with regards to streamlining things and more tricks and tips. Getting back to my … Read more