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  • Finer Face Tattoos

    Finer Face Tattoos

    I wanted to create a few face tattoos that were finer in lines and could work well with each other and came up with the Autumnal series. It is broken into 4 main parts and each tattoo is customizable with mix and match of even more separate layers. They are only for Evox mapped heads […]

  • New Shape available

    New Shape available

    I wanted to see how easy it was to work with the Akeruka heads and was pleasantly surprised. They work hard to constantly update and fix things and the head shapes are fantastic. The hud is wonderful and easy to understand and use. I find it pretty customizable. So I have come up with Usoa. […]

  • Two new shapes available

    Two new shapes available

    This weeks release is a couple of shapes. Both for the Lelutka Briannon head. First off is Soleil. Cute and sassy in a small package. She comes as always with a style card, 3 different starter shapes and a demo is available. Next off is Tavin, a little mysterious but innocent. Tavin is wearing yet […]

  • Two lovely ladies released today

    Two lovely ladies released today

    Hi lovelies. Today is a release of two new shapes. A cute one for the Akeruka Andro F head. Peridot is a sweet lass with dimples and all round cutie. Modelled on the Maitreya body she also comes with two other shapes, brows and of course a style card. Demo’s are available in store and […]

  • Do you do face tattoos?

    Do you do face tattoos?

    This week is a release of bakes on mesh face tattoos. Only for Evox and other compatible heads such as Akeruka, GA.EG and Rebirth. Vosphy comes in separates so if you only want one element from them it’s available to you or in a melded layer so all the elements are there on one. The […]

  • Two new shapes from iterations

    Two new shapes from iterations

    This release is for two new shapes. First we have Matilde, full of attitude and sass. She’s modeled using the Genus Project Strong Face and comes with three different starter shapes for different mesh bodies. She also has a styling card and brow shape. Next up is Noemi. A sweetie for Lelutka Halle and as […]

  • Weekend Sales

    Weekend Sales

    For Glorious Days iterations has a new shape for the introductory price of 55L . Ondine is made for the Akeruka Andro F head and comes with 3 starter shapes. Modelled and style card made for the Maitreya body. Also for Kahlene, Kupra, Reborn, Legacy, Freya and a few more. Demo is available for the […]

  • Clothing change

    Clothing change

    So this week has gone fast but I’ll work out a balance soon. I’m back at work for the first time for a few weeks and everything hurts. I logged into SL and found myself still in the same clothing and as I splurged a bit at the Blueberry sale a while ago, I decided […]

  • Relaxing a bit

    Relaxing a bit

    Today is a relax day in SL. Did some shopping and just wandered around. I’m really digging neutral colors at the moment. Raw from SL Credits: amara beauty – Annie Mae Porcelain – MED BROWSRAMA.SALON – Scarlett HairRIOT / Cate Jeans – MaitreyaRIOT / Ezra Sweater – MaitreyaZaara : Kasita finger-harness (maitreya) Riterations Amalgamation eyes […]

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