Lots of new

I’ve been a busy munchkin over the last few months. I realized coming back to SL that I missed the creativity and learning aspect. So I dove into a Photoshop course, actually three of them. Learnt a hell of a lot with regards to streamlining things and more tricks and tips. Getting back to my roots and rediscovering things is always fun.

One of the very first things I ever did in SL was make shapes with Haver Cole. I did the boy shapes, she did the girl shapes and we were the first ones to make demo shapes on the grid. So getting back to that, I’ve been playing around with making shapes and popped them onto the Marketplace.

As I also love to make textures, one thing that always interested me was making eye textures. I learnt a ton in my courses so it was a lot easier to make them this time round.

Oh! I also now have a small store in SL called iterations. The name is inspired by the next iteration of my growth as a creator and artist.

Here are a few pictures to show a small sample of what I’ve been doing.

Shape Bebe
Shape Gabi
Washed eye poster
amalgamation eyes
Single Point

If you got this far, thanks for reading and I’ll try and keep up with making fun stuff (at least to me) and keep on learning.