New Release and marketplace updates!

Hi lovelies, today was maintenance day and a huge why have I forgotten this thing moment. The marketplace is now updated with the Sol, Dolly and Glitter eyes. If it’s a lot easier for you to shop online and you don’t have these yet, grab the demos and see if they suit you.

There is a new release of the Crystal eyes today as well instore and marketplace. Super cute eyes in the similar style of Dolly and Glitter. They come in OS (oversized) and normal sizing. The fatpack has a bonus 4 new colors and you also get the OS and normal as well.

Crystal Eyes
Crystal Bonus Pack

Some news for my eyes now is that I will no longer be supporting Catwa as I have no love for the way the eye is displayed in the head. Sorry those who wear Catwa but it’s an artistic decision. If you want to use the eyes and Catwa supports bom you can still use the eyes.

iterations Darkness Eyes for Sense Exclusive

It’s the last days of Sense and then the Darkness eyes will be in store and on the marketplace

I forgot that i had made a special pack to go with these and it’s a pack of mascara with the chin tattoo only but available in the store as well. It pairs up with the wonderful Second Nature Jewellery’s Bellatrix set.

SNJ Bellatrix Teaser

Till the next time!