Clothing change

So this week has gone fast but I’ll work out a balance soon. I’m back at work for the first time for a few weeks and everything hurts. I logged into SL and found myself still in the same clothing and as I splurged a bit at the Blueberry sale a while ago, I decided to dig in the inventory from hell to find what I had bought. Fun look this time.

she’s full of attitude

Not how I normally dress but was fun to play with.

Credits for what I’m wearing:

iterations ~Solid Bar 50% black chin tattoo


DeeTaleZ ~MU *Cheekbones* for LELU EVOX/ 50% / Light Skin

GG [Lv.100] 4 GLOSS (EvoX BOM)

[theSkinnery] ~Liner Set (LeLutkaEvoX) 5

DeeTaleZ ~MU *Eyeshadow* for LELUTKA EVOX

DeeTaleZ Skin *Rhyan* for LELEVOX / BROWS: brown/ Europ

 lel EvoX Head ~ HALLE 3.1

Blueberry – Bisquit – Zipped Skirts – Maitreya

Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Boots Flat & High Heels – Maitreya

Blueberry – Can’t Relate – Fishnet Stockings – Maitreya

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Zaara : Kasita finger-harness (maitreya) *R*

[Cosmic Dust] – Basic Tank – Lara

[monso] Liv Hair

iterations eyes ~ Bean Gray