For Everyone

Floating around trying to figure everything out and little gems pop up all over. A stand out was .Shi. A unisex store full of interesting clothing, hair and accessories. In a world full of form fitting, skin tight and sometimes,leave nothing to the imagination clothing, .Shi is a breath of fresh air. Style Details: Hair … Read more

I won a thing!

Well that was a super pleasant surprise today. I logged into SL and a lovely message from Umazuma Metaluna was there with a gift for me. I rarely rarely win anything but decided to put my name down as a giveaway for the latest skin Carol that she has at Collabor88. Amazingly I was a … Read more


Well after 12 years I have come back to SL to feel like a complete noob again. I lose clothing often by double clicking stuff (muscle memory) and wander around naked. Oh oops look there’s another 2 hairs I’m wearing instead of the one. Mesh is a huge thing, at least not as complicated as … Read more