Do you do face tattoos?

This week is a release of bakes on mesh face tattoos. Only for Evox and other compatible heads such as Akeruka, GA.EG and Rebirth. Vosphy comes in separates so if you only want one element from them it’s available to you or in a melded layer so all the elements are there on one. The … Read more

Two new shapes from iterations

This release is for two new shapes. First we have Matilde, full of attitude and sass. She’s modeled using the Genus Project Strong Face and comes with three different starter shapes for different mesh bodies. She also has a styling card and brow shape. Next up is Noemi. A sweetie for Lelutka Halle and as … Read more

Weekend Sales

For Glorious Days iterations has a new shape for the introductory price of 55L . Ondine is made for the Akeruka Andro F head and comes with 3 starter shapes. Modelled and style card made for the Maitreya body. Also for Kahlene, Kupra, Reborn, Legacy, Freya and a few more. Demo is available for the … Read more

iterations Galaxy Eyes out now!

Another set of eyes out in gorgeous two tone eyes that are full of stars. I love this set for the vividness and they work with everything outfit wise. The unisex eyes come in 6 different colours and are compatible for nearly everyone out there. Swing by the store or hit up the marketplace to … Read more

Sales for this weekend

This weekend iterations is part of the Glorious Days weekend with three sets of eyes from the Amalgamation series. Each set is available for 55L with the glorious days group on. Also the Pride pack is reduced to 15L for the remainder of the month and 5L for just the eyes. Swing on by to … Read more

iterations Implant Eyes release

Hi, a new release from me today being the Implant eyes. It’s on the scifi/cyberpunk almost steampunk range. Eyes that have a metal ring around the iris. All on the texture so no extra fiddly bits to organize getting it to fit at all. The unisex eyes come in 6 different colours and are compatible … Read more

Cute outfit from Alaska Metro

I had to fill in some time before work and saw that Alaska made some very cute summer gear for a mini hunt. One part is at the Free Dove and the other in her own store at Imogen. Any excuse to visit my old sim is always a good one so I did the … Read more

Pride Pack in store

Just a quick update for today. The store has a Pride pack of two separate eyes and a few tattoos up for grabs. I have the eyes as a separate pack as well. Come to the store to check it out. <3 Aems

Two new shapes

I love making shapes and seeing what I can get out of different sliders. I have two new ladies for you this time both for the Avalon head. Joie is a cutie and so is Lunette. It’s hard to pick my favorite of the two here. Come by the store and check out all the … Read more

Clothing change

So this week has gone fast but I’ll work out a balance soon. I’m back at work for the first time for a few weeks and everything hurts. I logged into SL and found myself still in the same clothing and as I splurged a bit at the Blueberry sale a while ago, I decided … Read more