Finer Face Tattoos

I wanted to create a few face tattoos that were finer in lines and could work well with each other and came up with the Autumnal series. It is broken into 4 main parts and each tattoo is customizable with mix and match of even more separate layers.

iterations Autumnal Full

They are only for Evox mapped heads so Lelutka, Akeruka Ga.Eg and Rebirth. Also I have only put white layers in for tinting to the color or non color you want to. Available in three different opacities of 100%, 75% and 50%. The tattoo’s are unisex and in the style of Wicca and pagan makeup.

iterations Saoirse Ad

The full version comes with a bonus eyeliner also in the three different opacities. All four different sections work with each other. I love the versatility of these and think they look pretty damn good.

A different version of Halloween for people 😀

Again available on the Marketplace or in store in Seosan