Well after 12 years I have come back to SL to feel like a complete noob again. I lose clothing often by double clicking stuff (muscle memory) and wander around naked. Oh oops look there’s another 2 hairs I’m wearing instead of the one. Mesh is a huge thing, at least not as complicated as feet/hands/head wearing and the fitted mesh that didn’t fit properly. I am a fan of not having a blocky body/face with super sharp triangle edges anymore that’s for sure.

Interestingly a lot of the people who used to be here way back when are either returned or still here. I still have friends here who amazingly have just greeted me with open arms. Ms Stephanie Lovely is wonderful and helped me out with the mesh head I have and gives me advice constantly. She makes awesome Adult furniture under the name <esper> and keeps in contact with pretty much everyone that is still around when we both lived on Imogen.

I’m not sure what I will do if anything in SL. At the moment I’m still trying to find my feet, jumping around a lot and banging into things and of course as I was reminded by someone, making sure my teeth are attached. They are much more attractive than they used to be.

Style details:

Hair~ Faga Alice

Top~ DE Designs Kara Vest

Pants~ Avec Toi Kali Pants

Necklace~ Slavia Lilith